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The Light of all That Falls

Author: James Islington

Genre: Fantasy

Reviewed by: Mary in Newbridge Library

Disclaimer:– This is the final instalment in the Licanius trilogy.

This is the third and final book in Islington’s Licanius trilogy – which began with ‘The Shadow of What Was Lost’ and ‘The Echo of Things to Come’. It is the story of three friends who use their forbidden powers to battle an ancient evil. The author spins worlds within other time travelling worlds and it has been a thrilling, absorbing and utterly spellbinding trilogy from start to finish – heroic fantasy at its absolute best.

This final instalment sees the battle for humanity’s survival come to a thrilling conclusion. It is a sign of a great book when you start to slow down reading it towards the end as you don’t want it to finish. It is a nice long substantial read with an end that doesn’t disappoint.

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