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Grown Ups

Author: Marian Keyes

Genre: Adult fiction

Reviewed by: Anne

In, “Grown Ups”, Marian Keyes treats us to a wonderful tale of an extended family in all its quirkiness and dysfunctionality!

As usual, Keyes does this with a genuine warmth and humour, which is evident in all her novels.

Jessie Casey is the sort of woman who seems to have it all! Beauty, wealth and a successful business! She is desperate to share her good fortune with her family, whether they want her to or not! However, things within her blended and extended family are not as perfect as they seem. It takes a moment of uncharacteristic honesty from a loved one, with a head injury; for it all to come crashing down! Each family member has their own struggles, with everything from teenage angst; to bulimia; to infidelity.

It’s an enlightening journey that Marin Keyes takes us on as we follow our natural curiosity in to other peoples’ lives and those that seem to have it all!

Although, I did enjoy this book, it is the first time I have read a Marian Keyes Novel without laughing out loud! Maybe the humour is just a bit gentler than in previous offerings.

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