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Top Ten Crime Thrillers on Borrowbox

Genre: Adult Fiction – Crime/Thriler

Compiled by: Carmel, Lorraine, Anne & Aideen, Athy Library

The Girls by Emma Cline

Disturbingly realistic, weird, thought provoking and engrossing. Loosely based on the Manson murders, it is a remarkable debut novel.

Bolinda Borrowbox e-book & Bolinda Borrowbox Audio book

The Five by Hallie Rubenhold

The untold lives of the women killed by Jack the Ripper. An angry and important work of historical detection calling time on the misogyny that has fed the Ripper myth.

Bolinda Borrowbox e-book & Bolinda Borrowbox Audio book

The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley 

Bristling with tension, bitter rivalries and toxic friendships. See a more detailed review from our own Anne Gilbride on this blog

Bolinda Borrowbox e-book & Bolinda Borrowbox Audio book

 Now You See Her by Heidi Perks

The compulsive thriller you need to read. Perfect for fans of Shari Lapena’s “The Couple next door” and Claire Mackintosh’s “I let you go”

Bolinda Borrowbox e-book & Bolinda Borrowbox Audio book

Life of crime by Kimberley Chambers

A gritty tale with a shocking twist. Fans of Kimberley Chambers can pre-order her explosive new novel on borrowbox now.

Bolinda Borrowbox e-book

Bone Box by Fay Kellerman.

Some secrets can’t be buried… Book 24 of the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series

Bolinda Borrowbox e-book & Bolinda Borrowbox audiobook

Where the dead fall by M J Lee

One chance encounter, one street side murder will change everything. The extraordinary new Ridpath crime thriller

Bolinda Borrowbox e-book

Hidden Sin by Julie Shaw.

When the past comes back to haunt you.. The explosive sequel to Bad blood, set 18 years later

The Never Game by Jeffery Deaver.

Escape or die trying.. “The never game is Deaver’s most riveting, most twisty, most unputdownable novel yet” Karin Slaughter

Bolinda Borrowbox e-book

Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land

For fans of quality psychological suspense. Dark claustrophobic and thought provoking

Bolinda Borrowbox e-book

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