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The Numbers Game

Author: Danielle Steele

Genre: Adult Fiction

Review by: Michelle

This book is written in a way that it has many stories within the story and many Characters. I found myself liking all the characters in their own way and wanting to know more about each one.

It’s starts with a family a mam, dad, twin boys, and a teenage girl who is in a relationship with a boy and ends up with an unexpected pregnancy. Her mother and father had found themselves in this same predicament when they were young which resulted in Pennie being born and then marrying and being a family. As her unplanned pregnancy came to light it was very clear that her father really resented having to give up on his dreams and married her mother more or less for this reason. They did love each other and had a lovely family but it was more just the way it was then a truly happy relationship. Pennie looses the baby and her and her boyfriend go their separate ways but remain friends.

Pennies dad Paul has an affair with a young 27 year old named Olivia and his wife Eileen finds this out. Paul moves out to city closer to Olivia. His wife Eileen decides to go to cooking school and open a catering business leaving Paul to look after the children for three months which breaks his relationship with his young girlfriend down as she realises kids etc are not for her. Paul tries to see if Eileen will have him back but she declines.

There are three other relationships going on in the story also
Olivia and her famous movie star mother Gwen. Gwen and her mother Gabrielle who is 93 and still very much alive with a very interesting life and also Gabrielle and her husband.

The book is written very well keeping you interested in all the relationships which I think kept me interested as I wanted to know more about each one.

Things work out well for everyone in the end in particular Eileen who I found myself rooting for all along as she had been betrayed by her husband but still kept her dignity and kindness which I taught was lovely.

Well written and really kept you engaged with all the little side stories happening. Light easy read and I would recommend it to others.

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