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Laura Cassidy’s Walk Of Fame

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Author: Alan McMonagle

Genre: Adult Fiction

Review by: Michelle

Laura is a want to be actress who had a bit of a mishap when she took to the stage in a previous role and couldn’t get her lines out. She ends up in a hospital to get help after this event. She really wants to make it and an opportunity comes up in her town. She goes for the leading role but doesn’t get it as she has quite a lot of issues which seem to stem back from her father dying and her blaming herself. She ends up causing a scene at the opening night and lands herself back in hospital and it is revealed she has made up a character in her head who has a very successful career and perfect life. The life that she has longed for.

This story had me wanting to find out more and when it was revealed that her perfect acting friend was in fact made up I was shocked. I think this book is very current in a time where mental health is a massive issue for lots of people I felt that this book really picked up on that and the fact that the character Laura was very likeable and very very funny just proves that mental health issues can happen to anyone.

I really enjoyed this book and would give it 8/10 and recommend it to other people to read.

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